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4 Empire Circuit, Forrest, Australian Capital Territory 2603, Australia
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The Fire Brigade Historical Society is dedicated to preserving artefacts of historical significance related to fire-fighting services in the Canberra region. Established in 1979, the Society is located in the historic Forrest Fire Station on Empire Circuit in Forrest, Canberra. The Society showcases a collection of restored fire appliances dating from 1913 to the mid-1980s, with plans to convert the old fire station at Acton into a cottage to further expand its offerings.

The Society’s mission is to honor the rich history of fire-fighting services in the Canberra region by maintaining and displaying valuable artefacts for public viewing. Visitors are welcome to explore the museum on Saturdays and contribute a gold coin donation to support ongoing projects. With limited space for display, some fire appliances are kept in storage, awaiting the opportunity to be showcased to the public.

Through its commitment to preserving the heritage of fire-fighting services, the Fire Brigade Historical Society serves as a vital resource for the community to learn about the evolution of fire-fighting technology and practices over the years. By providing access to historical artefacts and engaging with visitors, the Society plays a crucial role in educating the public about the importance of fire safety and the contributions of firefighters in the Canberra region.