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270 North East Road, Klemzig, South Australia 5087, Australia
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Fast Twitch Gym in Adelaide offers a diverse range of services catering to individuals passionate about health and wellbeing. From group fitness to hot yoga, the gym provides nearly 40 classes per week, including hot yoga, yin, hatha, beginner yoga, and mobility classes. Members can access a science-backed recovery suite with amenities such as infrared and Finnish saunas, ice baths, red light therapy, and more, enhancing their overall wellness experience.

Fast Twitch’s unique training programs, including STRENGTH, HIRT, and CARDIO, are designed to optimize results and prevent training plateaus. The gym’s hot yoga studio utilizes far-infrared panels to create a heat experience similar to the infrared sauna, offering a variety of classes like vinyasa, yin, hatha, and mobility. Members can also enjoy recovery facilities such as ice baths, compression boots, float tank therapy, and more, promoting physical and mental rejuvenation.

With a focus on community support and experienced coaching, Fast Twitch Gym provides a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing. Members have access to personalized training with qualified personal trainers, body composition analysis scans, and a range of facilities to support their goals. The gym’s commitment to science-backed protocols and a nurturing environment ensures that individuals of all fitness levels can thrive and achieve their health objectives.