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34b Brownfield Street, Mordialloc, Victoria 3195, Australia
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Express@home is a breast pump hire company based in Melbourne, Australia, established in 2007. As pioneers in the industry, we offer convenient breast pump delivery services, specializing in hospital-grade pumps like the Medela Symphony and Ameda Elite. Our commitment to customer service is unwavering, ensuring competitive rates and top-notch service quality. All our breast pumps are meticulously maintained, cleaned, sterilized, and electrically tested for optimal performance.

At Express@home, we go beyond just providing breast pumps. We offer a range of accessories, including breast milk storage bags, bottles, and custom shield packs to cater to diverse needs. Our delivery options are flexible, with various hire terms available to suit different preferences. With a focus on hygiene and convenience, we aim to make the breastfeeding journey easier for mothers by offering reliable and efficient services.

With a strong emphasis on product quality and customer satisfaction, Express@home stands out as a trusted partner for breastfeeding mothers in Melbourne. Our dedication to delivering exceptional service, along with a wide selection of products, ensures that mothers can access the necessary tools and support for their breastfeeding needs. Whether it’s a short-term hire or an extended period, we strive to make the process seamless and stress-free for our valued customers.