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7 Hardy Street, South Perth, Western Australia 6151, Australia
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Essence Pilates and Bodyworks is a dynamic health and wellbeing studio located in South Perth, Australia. The studio offers a range of services tailored to help clients achieve their individual fitness goals and improve their overall well-being. Whether you are a beginner looking to start your fitness journey or recovering from an injury or illness, Essence Pilates provides group classes and private sessions with experienced instructors to support you every step of the way.

At Essence Pilates, the philosophy revolves around making fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone. The studio’s contemporary space is designed to create a welcoming environment where clients can work out at their own pace and in a way that suits their needs. With the option to participate in group classes or private sessions with friends or family, Essence Pilates promotes a sense of community and support among its members.

With Essence 24/7, clients have the flexibility to work out on their own time, thanks to a library of recorded sessions available for remote access. The studio’s introductory offer includes multiple sessions to allow new members to explore different pilates classes and find the perfect fit for their fitness routine. Essence Pilates is dedicated to helping clients look and feel their best, emphasizing that self-care and well-being should be a priority rather than a luxury.