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500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, New South Wales 2022, Australia
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Danka Fiedor Psychology & Individual & Couple Gottman’s Therapy & EMDR Therapist offers holistic mental support for individuals and couples seeking relief from PTSD, complex trauma, and chronic pain. Specializing in trauma symptoms that can manifest as depression, anxiety, or other barriers to daily life, Danka Fiedor provides somatic therapy to help clients understand the connection between their brain and body. With a range of modalities including EMDR, CBT, and SSP, clients can experience healing through specially-filtered music and tailored treatment styles that suit their unique personality and needs.

With an integrative and trauma-informed approach, Danka Fiedor emphasizes working with clients as whole individuals rather than isolating single issues. By teaching empowering tools for self-care and prioritizing the goals and needs of each client, the practice aims to be a supportive source of insight to help individuals and couples process emotions and feel more whole. EMDR, an evidence-based modality used in the practice, assists in processing traumatic memories to aid in dealing with distressing experiences.

As a psychologist with a background since 2016, Danka Fiedor brings a wealth of experience and qualifications to the practice, continuously seeking to broaden knowledge to provide up-to-date, proven methods of treatment. Encouraging therapy as a normal part of self-care, the business focuses on understanding clients as a whole and tailoring evidence-based modalities to cater to individual strengths and needs. Clients are invited to reach out for guidance, appointments, or more information to confidently navigate mental health challenges.