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2/68 Roberts Ave, Mortdale 2223, NSW
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CrossFit Hurstville in Mortdale is a unique gym that fosters a sense of community among individuals striving to achieve their personal best. Regardless of fitness level, everyone is welcome to join this supportive environment where the focus is on individual growth and improvement. The gym offers a range of services including CrossFit classes, personal training, CrossFit for teens and kids, small group training, nutrition services, and recovery methods like ice baths and infrared saunas.

At CrossFit Hurstville, the emphasis is on helping members reach their fitness goals through tailored programs and expert coaching. The gym’s philosophy revolves around inclusivity, with classes limited to 20 members to ensure personalized attention and guidance. The diverse programming incorporates functional movements such as cardio, weightlifting, gymnastics, and more to enhance overall fitness in a balanced manner. Additionally, the gym provides child-friendly classes and a supervised creche to accommodate families.

With a focus on building a strong community, CrossFit Hurstville aims to create a supportive and motivating environment for all its members. The gym’s expert coaches are dedicated to helping individuals progress safely and steadily towards their fitness objectives. Through a combination of structured workouts, personalized coaching, and access to exclusive nutrition and training resources, CrossFit Hurstville is committed to helping individuals of all ages and fitness levels achieve their health and wellness goals.