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16 Gloucester Street, Largs Bay, South Australia 5016, Australia
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Connected Hypnobirthing is a leading independent childbirth education program in Australia, offering the innovative Positive Birth Program that combines hypnotherapy, breathing techniques, massage, and deep relaxation to empower women during pregnancy and birth. Founded by Nikki Jones, a seasoned midwife and childbirth educator, Connected Hypnobirthing aims to change the way couples approach birth by providing evidence-based tools and education for a positive and empowering birthing experience.

With a focus on self-hypnosis for deep relaxation and fear release, Connected Hypnobirthing workshops help women understand the power of their minds in achieving a calm and gentle birth. Through a combination of hypnotherapy and holistic techniques, participants learn to trust their bodies and navigate the birthing process with confidence and mindfulness. The program is designed to support women in embracing the transformative journey of motherhood with tools, education, and a supportive community.

Based in Adelaide, Connected Hypnobirthing offers private classes in the comfort of clients’ homes and group sessions in Semaphore, SA. By blending Nikki Jones’s personal birthing experiences with her expertise as a midwife and Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner, Connected Hypnobirthing is dedicated to empowering women to have birth experiences free from fear and filled with positivity, regardless of the challenges they may face. Join the Connected Community to receive affirmation cards and embark on a journey towards a more joyful and empowering birthing experience.