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Childosophy is a pioneering business that bridges the wonder of childhood with the wisdom of the soul. Driven by the belief that children are souls with inherent self-development capabilities, Childosophy focuses on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each child. Through decades of research and working closely with children and families, the business has developed the Foundational Needs Model. This innovative model integrates principles from mind-body sciences, psychology, and east-west philosophies to provide a holistic approach to child development.

At Childosophy, the core philosophy revolves around listening to children and interpreting their behaviors as essential forms of communication about their needs. Dr. Maxine Therese, the founder, embarked on this journey after recognizing gaps in adult understanding of children’s requirements. The business emphasizes that children’s behaviors are not problems to be solved but rather crucial indicators of their needs. By incorporating inherited patterns of development within family systems, Childosophy offers a comprehensive understanding of the whole child from early stages of life.

With a commitment to supporting children’s growth and well-being, Childosophy stands as a unique entity in the field of child development. By blending scientific insights with philosophical wisdom, the business provides a groundbreaking approach to nurturing children’s innate potential. Through the integration of the Foundational Needs Model, Childosophy aims to revolutionize the way society perceives and supports the growth of children, fostering a deeper connection between the wonder of childhood and the wisdom of the soul.