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25 Fitzgerald St, Norville 4670, QLD
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Bundaberg Swimming Academy Pty Ltd is a reputable swim centre that offers quality lessons in a supportive and professional environment. Founded by Michele & Ivan Watson, the academy caters to a wide range of clients, from 4-month-old babies to adults seeking stroke development and aqua fitness classes. The academy’s philosophy revolves around providing a safe, clean, and friendly space where every child can learn at their own pace and feel special.

The academy’s program is designed to progress swimmers through different levels based on their skills, with a focus on encouraging a love for swimming and a desire to improve. By offering training squads and aqua fitness sessions for all levels, Bundaberg Swimming Academy aims to create a positive experience for both swimmers and parents. The academy also acknowledges and respects the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia, highlighting its commitment to inclusivity and cultural awareness.

With a strong emphasis on creating a nurturing learning environment, Bundaberg Swimming Academy strives to ensure that every child leaves the pool feeling confident and eager to return. By maintaining small class sizes and personalized attention, the academy enables swimmers to achieve their goals effectively. Whether it’s learning basic water skills or joining the Bundaberg Swim Team, the academy’s comprehensive program offers something for everyone looking to enhance their swimming abilities.