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18 Progress Street, Mornington, Victoria 3931, Australia
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Body, Birth & Baby is a dedicated business in Australia that focuses on educating and empowering women throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. Founded by experienced midwife Amber, the business offers evidence-based information to help couples make informed decisions. With a mission to reduce fear around birth, Body, Birth & Baby emphasizes the incredible capabilities of women’s bodies and aims to optimize the birthing experience. The business also shines a spotlight on postpartum care, providing education on breastfeeding, postpartum planning, normal newborn behavior, and what to expect in the first few weeks of parenthood.

At Body, Birth & Baby, services include postnatal home visits and lactation consultations, with a focus on supporting women in breastfeeding and overcoming challenges. Operating in the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs, the business offers Medicare rebates for the first six weeks, providing additional support during the challenging postpartum period. By signing up for exclusive emails, clients can receive updates, resources, pregnancy tips, and more, showcasing the business’s commitment to ongoing education and support for mothers and families.

Amber, the founder of Body, Birth & Baby, brings over 11 years of midwifery experience to the business, having worked extensively in continuity of care programs. Her passion for empowering women through education led her to establish the business, with a strong belief in the power of knowledge and informed decision-making. As a Lactation Consultant, Amber is dedicated to helping new parents navigate the early stages of parenthood, offering guidance on feeding, settling, and building confidence. With a personal commitment to health and wellness, Amber’s holistic approach and dedication to supporting women on their unique journeys make Body, Birth & Baby a trusted resource for expectant and new mothers.