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898 Mount Alexander Road, Essendon 3040, VIC
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Birth Baby and Beyond Co, founded by Lauren, is a specialized service offering private birth preparation sessions for expecting mothers in Melbourne. With a background as a Registered Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, Registered Midwife, and Childbirth Educator, Lauren brings over a decade of experience in supporting new mothers postnatally. Her passion lies in empowering expecting mothers to have a positive and supported birth experience, regardless of their delivery preferences. Through evidence-based programs and personalized care, Lauren aims to ensure that mothers feel informed, safe, and in control throughout their pregnancy and birth journey.

Lauren’s philosophy revolves around dispelling the fear and uncertainty often associated with childbirth, emphasizing that birth can be a positive and enjoyable experience for both the mother and her birthing partner. By providing comprehensive education on birth options, coping mechanisms, and decision-making processes, Birth Baby and Beyond Co strives to equip expecting mothers with the knowledge and confidence to navigate their unique birthing experiences. Lauren’s dedication to her clients is evident in the positive birth stories shared by previous participants, highlighting the profound impact of her guidance on their pregnancy and birth outcomes.

With a focus on individualized support and a commitment to promoting positive birth experiences, Birth Baby and Beyond Co stands out as a trusted resource for expecting mothers seeking comprehensive birth preparation services in Melbourne. Through a combination of professional expertise, personal dedication, and a genuine passion for empowering mothers, Lauren and her team aim to create a nurturing and informative environment where mothers can feel empowered, supported, and prepared for the transformative journey of childbirth.