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Living and learning Centre, Westport 3095, MA
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Birth and Babies With Linda, based in Melbourne, is led by the esteemed Calmbirth® Educator, Registered Nurse, Birth Doula, and Post Natal Doula, Linda Forbes. With over 15 years of experience, Linda is dedicated to helping expectant parents achieve a calm and empowered birth experience. Her extensive background in supporting families across various birthing environments, from homebirths to hospitals, has equipped her with a deep understanding of the impact of fear and anxiety on childbirth.

Linda’s passion for birth stems from witnessing the transformative power of trust and confidence in the birthing process. Through her Calmbirth® courses, she aims to empower couples with effective tools that enable them to navigate pregnancy, birth, and early parenting with strength and positivity. Linda believes that a positive birth experience not only benefits the mother but also sets the foundation for a joyful and harmonious start to parenthood for the entire family.

By fostering deeper connections between couples and instilling a sense of readiness and assurance, Birth and Babies With Linda strives to create a supportive and nurturing environment for expectant parents. Linda’s commitment to promoting empowerment and confidence in childbirth underscores her belief that every birth, regardless of its outcome, can be a source of strength and joy for families embarking on the journey of parenthood.