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4 Tobruk Rd, Ashburton 3147, VIC
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Big Picture Counselling offers personalized counselling services for children facing challenges during their school years. With a focus on small group sessions and individual one-on-one sessions led by experienced Counsellor Jane, the business provides a safe space for children to express their thoughts and feelings on various topics. Programs are designed in collaboration with parents, teachers, and children to address the transitional phases from primary to secondary school and other developmental milestones.

Founded by Jane, a former Physical Education and Health teacher with over 15 years of experience in educational settings, Big Picture Counselling is driven by a passion for mentoring and guiding children to become the best versions of themselves. The programs are carefully crafted through extensive research and aim to equip children with the necessary tools to navigate challenges they may encounter during their formative years. By empowering children through evidence-based techniques like cognitive-behavioural therapy and mindfulness practices, the business strives to enhance their overall well-being and happiness.

Committed to a holistic approach to mental health, Big Picture Counselling emphasizes the importance of addressing both the mind and body to support children in their personal growth. The team of dedicated counsellors is dedicated to providing compassionate guidance to help clients overcome negative thought patterns and behaviors. By fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, the business aims to empower children to build resilience and succeed in both their academic and personal lives.