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8 Gloucester Avenue, Berwick 3806, VIC
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Berwick Pilates is a welcoming and inclusive community that specializes in Reformer Pilates, catering to individuals of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. With a focus on empowering clients to feel confident in their minds, bodies, and movement, the studio offers over 50 classes a week led by highly trained instructors. These classes are designed to improve strength, mobility, balance, coordination, and overall wellbeing, with a tailored approach to meet the needs of each individual.

The studio prides itself on providing innovative, fun, and challenging Pilates classes suitable for beginners to experts. Their philosophy revolves around creating a supportive environment where everyone can feel comfortable and motivated to enhance their physical fitness and mental wellbeing. Berwick Pilates offers a range of membership options without contracts or sign-up fees, making it a cost-effective way for individuals to incorporate Pilates into their regular fitness routine.

Located at Shop 4/8 Gloucester Avenue in Berwick, the studio is open seven days a week, offering both morning and evening classes to accommodate various schedules. Whether you are new to Reformer Pilates or looking to advance your practice, Berwick Pilates provides a nurturing space for individuals to explore the benefits of Pilates and embark on a journey towards improved health and vitality.