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352D Cambridge St, Wembley 6014, WA
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Behaviour Tonics is a leading child behaviour support business based in Perth and Darwin, specializing in providing simple yet effective behaviour management strategies and training for parents, carers, teachers, and childcare professionals. Established in 2003, Behaviour Tonics offers exclusive and licensed training in the 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching programs, focusing on building self-regulation in children and strengthening relationships. With a core aim to help manage challenging behaviours in children from early years through adolescence, Behaviour Tonics offers tailored courses, in-house options, and online webinars to meet the unique needs of clients.

As the only licensed Master Trainers for family specialists and teachers in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, Behaviour Tonics prides itself on its extensive industry knowledge and practical approach to equipping adults with the skills needed to support children’s self-regulation and self-control. The business offers services such as child behaviour training, private consultations, and school training, addressing issues like difficult behaviour, inconsistent parenting, bullying, and behaviour management for neurodiverse children. With a focus on evidence-based practice and personalized solutions, Behaviour Tonics aims to empower parents, educators, and professionals to effectively navigate children’s emotions and behaviours.

Behaviour Tonics’ team, led by experienced practitioners Brad and Liz, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in child development and emotional intelligence training. With a strong emphasis on co-regulation and practical skills development, the business strives to help children learn to manage their emotions, improve their behaviour, and ultimately lead happier and more successful lives. Whether through in-person training in Perth and Darwin or online webinars accessible Australia-wide, Behaviour Tonics is dedicated to supporting families, educators, and caregivers in fostering positive relationships and guiding children towards healthy development and well-being.