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2 Kara Street, Sefton, New South Wales 2162, Australia
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Bebelune and Friends is a baby clothing business founded in 2020, offering ethically made clothing that combines style and comfort for little ones. Stocking renowned baby brands like Lelume, Wolf & The Wildling, Sapling, and Bambino and Bundles, the company caters to newborns and toddlers with a range of clothing and accessories suitable for various styles and ages.

Inspired by the French term ‘Bébélune,’ meaning ‘Moon Baby,’ Bebelune and Friends curates a collection of rompers, bodysuits, singlets, and baby accessories featuring charming patterns and intricate details. From floral designs to wilderness prints, faux fur, and classic basics, the brand offers a diverse selection of high-quality, unique brands to brighten up any baby’s wardrobe.

Committed to customer satisfaction, Bebelune and Friends prioritizes excellent customer service and a seamless shopping experience. While not all items are sustainably made due to material constraints, the company upholds its dedication to quality and ethical sourcing. Additionally, Bebelune & Friends supports animal welfare through donations to FOUR PAWS Australia, reflecting their values of compassion and social responsibility.