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2 Wattlebird Way, Baldivis 6150, WA
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At Baldivis Maternity Clinic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized care for pregnant women, the postnatal period, and newborn babies. Our team of General Practitioner Obstetricians (GPO’s), Endorsed Midwives, and Midwives are committed to delivering high-quality and individualized care to support and empower women throughout their pregnancy journey. We prioritize continuity of care, ensuring that the same practitioner guides you through your pregnancy and postnatal care, fostering a strong and trusting relationship.

Our experienced GPO’s and Midwives offer comprehensive antenatal and postnatal services, from conception to the six-week check-up for both mother and baby. We also provide postnatal contraception options, including implants, intrauterine devices, and vasectomy. Baldivis Maternity Clinic collaborates with public hospitals like Rockingham General Hospital, Fiona Stanley Hospital, and King Edward Memorial Hospital to offer shared care, ensuring seamless coordination of services for our patients.

With a focus on women’s health and well-being, our clinic welcomes the addition of a women’s health Physiotherapist to our team. This expansion allows us to provide holistic care before and after childbirth, enhancing the overall support and services available to our clients. We encourage patients to bring any relevant medical records, such as blood tests and ultrasounds, to facilitate a comprehensive and tailored approach to their care at Baldivis Maternity Clinic.