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1633 Mandurah Rd, Baldivis 6171, WA
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Baldivis Health and Fitness is a premier fitness studio that offers personalized and private training sessions with friendly personal trainers. Their core belief is that health, fitness, and well-being should be integrated into everyday life in a fun and enjoyable way. Clients are impressed by the holistic approach that considers body posture, body composition, fitness, fun, health, and well-being as interconnected elements of a healthy body and mind.

The studio provides tailored personal fitness sessions to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals, with visible progress each week. Services include personalized weight-training, circuit training, and specialized programs like Boxercise for both adults and kids. Baldivis Health and Fitness aims to create a non-judgmental and secure environment where individuals can feel inspired, motivated, and successful in their fitness journey.

In addition to adult fitness programs, Baldivis Health and Fitness offers Teen Battle PT, a specialized program designed to help teenagers improve their fitness, behavior, and self-esteem. The studio’s dedicated trainers are passionate about transforming lives and empowering individuals to reach their full potential through discipline, fitness, and social bonding. With a focus on developing valuable life-long skills, Baldivis Health and Fitness is committed to providing a supportive and uplifting space for all clients.