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457-459 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales 2010, Australia
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Aki Sunday is a skincare business that aims to simplify and enhance your skincare routine. With a focus on educating customers on the proper order of applying skincare products, Aki Sunday provides guidance to those feeling overwhelmed by the array of options available. The business values the importance of the skin barrier, emphasizing its role in protecting the body from external elements.

Stretch marks are a common concern for many individuals, and Aki Sunday addresses this topic by discussing their genetic component. By acknowledging the beauty and individuality of stretch marks, the business encourages self-acceptance and provides insights into their occurrence. Aki Sunday offers advice on how to potentially reduce the appearance of stretch marks, recognizing the complexities of genetics and skin elasticity.

Founded on the principles of skincare education and self-love, Aki Sunday invites customers to share their experiences and stories. By fostering a community that celebrates diversity and individuality, the business creates a supportive environment for individuals to embrace their unique skin journeys. With a current EOFY sale offering a discount on products, Aki Sunday encourages customers to explore their range and discover the beauty in caring for their skin.