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121 Old Princes Hwy, Nairne 5252, SA
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Adelaide Hills Interplay Therapy is a private practice that offers developmentally appropriate and inclusive counseling services for children and their families. Through play therapy, children are guided to connect with their developing nervous systems and those around them, fostering a sense of safety and connection. The practice values the unique qualities and gifts of each child, aiming to support them in navigating life’s challenges and strengthening family bonds.

Play Therapy, a gentle counseling modality for children, is at the core of Adelaide Hills Interplay Therapy’s services. Trained Play Therapists work closely with children, providing a safe space for them to express feelings and work through challenges at their own pace. The practice also recognizes the importance of involving parents or caregivers in the therapeutic process, enhancing understanding and communication within the family unit.

With a focus on individualized care and ongoing support, Adelaide Hills Interplay Therapy offers sessions tailored to each child’s needs. The practice welcomes NDIS participants and emphasizes the significance of regular, consistent sessions to facilitate healing and growth. By combining play, therapy, and family involvement, Adelaide Hills Interplay Therapy aims to empower children and families to navigate their emotional journeys and build stronger relationships.