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1 President Road, Kellyville, New South Wales 2155, Australia
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4Cyte Pathology Kellyville is Australia’s largest independent private pathology company, offering exceptional services to patients and doctors. Operating since January 2018, it is the fastest-growing pathology company in the country with three main laboratories in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, along with over 800 collection centers for convenience. The company prides itself on providing outstanding service to all patients and clients, with a passionate team of experienced pathologists, specialists, and scientists dedicated to delivering the best possible care.

The team at 4Cyte Pathology believes in providing better care, responsiveness, and diagnostic insights to clinicians and patients. With a commitment to bulk bill all Medicare rebatable items performed in their laboratories, the company ensures that no patient will incur out-of-pocket expenses for any Medicare rebatable pathology service. By combining the expertise of leading pathology professionals with the latest technological advancements in in-vitro diagnostics, 4Cyte Pathology aims to deliver superior outcomes for clinicians and their patients.

As the only independent comprehensive specialist pathology provider in Australia without affiliated medical center, specialist, or hospital businesses, 4Cyte Pathology does not compete against the clinicians it serves. The company’s philosophy revolves around providing accessible and high-quality diagnostics to all Australians, regardless of personal or financial circumstances. With a focus on innovation and technology, 4Cyte Pathology continues to lead in groundbreaking diagnostic technologies, ensuring better insights and outcomes for both referring clinicians and patients.